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Judy Organization for Relief and Development (JORD)

JORD is a national, humanitarian, independent, and non-profit organization, was established in 2012, 

working in the fields of humanitarian relief, development, education, livelihood, child protection, and Syrian missing persons. JORD’s activities and projects service for the Syrian refugees, Iraqi displaced persons, and host community people in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.



JORD obtained the legal license from the Directorate of Non-Governmental Organizations (DNGOs) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on 5/6/2013.

JORD is the first Syrian organization obtained the license from DNGOs in Erbil – Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Quality And Efficiency.
Integrity And Transparency.
Dignity and Respect of Human Rights.



JORD’s activities are limited to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, especially

Erbil and Duhok governorates with a range of relief activities inside Syria.

JORD is currently planning to work inside Syria, it has got the and opened a branch for JORD in the northeastern region of Syria – Qamishli.



Educated, Resilient, and solidarity societies, that live in dignity, exercise their rights and perform their duties.


We work to serve the communities and participate in the development of individuals’ skills by providing educational services, developmental awareness programs and relief activities.

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The values ​​that govern the work of the organization in all its dimensions

About Us

Our message

We exist to provide education and protection for children, and to rehabilitate and build the capacities of adolescents and youth through a scientific methodology and creative tools, and in order to secure the basic needs of those in need, provide them with livelihoods, and preserve their dignity wherever they are .

A person who is capable of driving human values contributes to building an adult society.

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Continuous learning and improvement


We learn from all available sources, benefit from our experiences, and constantly develop our work .

Why Us

Target Groups

JORD has been running, since 2013 the education in emergencies, and community centers, targeting Syrian refugees, Iraqi displaced, and host community families and children in both Erbil and Duhok governorates.

At the beginning of its establishment, JORD targeted Syrian refugees in Kurdistan inside the camps and outside the camps, then it has included the displaced Iraqis for its activities and services since 2015 then JORD has been targeting all communities in Iraqi Kurdistan on the basis of need since 2016.

The activities, projects, and services of the organization target males and females and take care of children through the provision of education services and child protection programs. The organization also targets adolescents, youth, women, and men.

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The values that govern the work of the organization in all its dimensions


We do the work with perfection and we work to add value with a self-motivation to gain distinction .

Team spirit

We believe that we are one team and we have a collective responsibility to make the work successful and achieve our common vision .


We engage in dialogue, accept differences and resolve them, take into account the privacy of others, human dignity is preserved regardless of belief and culture .


We are committed to carrying out our work honestly according to plan, with transparency and credibility among team members and towards stakeholders .

Humanitarian Sectors

The main humanitarian sectors which JORD works on are the following:

  • Education Sector: education in emergency centers, non-formal education, remedial classes, literacy, distancing education, catch-up classes, stationaries distribution, rehabilitation of schools, cash for transportation, online classes, back to school/education campaigns, and Teaching programming language.
  • Child Protection Sector: PSS structured and non-structured activities, resilience programs, life skills programs in children and adolescents, outside activities, child protection raising awareness sessions for parents and children, and international days related to children.
  • Livelihood Sector: Vocational training courses (women's sewing, men’s sewing, embroidery, driving, home, and industrial electricity, first aid, knitting, computer, languages ...etc.).
  • Relief Sector: Food parcels, Nonfood items, CASH, support the orphans and widows, dignity kits, and COVID-19 kits.
  • Health Sector: Medicine, operations, first aid training courses, raising awareness on health issues, and distribution of diabetes, pressure and asthma devices…etc.
  • Syrian Missing Persons: Outreach seminars, raising awareness sessions, online awareness sessions, establishing networks for families of missing persons, small and micro-grants projects for advocacy, and data collecting projects.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • The goals we are working to achieve in our strategic plan
  • Relief of displaced and afflicted Syrians by providing relief and medical services.
  • Contribute to alleviating the suffering of the financially and morally affected families.
  • Awareness in all cultural and social fields and opening development courses for all segments of society.
  • Giving young people special importance and educating them on the concepts of civil society (democracy, freedom, human rights, rule of law, fighting corruption) and upgrading their capabilities.
  • Paying attention to women's issues, defending their rights, and activating their role in society.
  • Child care and protection.
  • Coordination and cooperation with student, public and professional associations, organizations and unions with common goals.
  • Attempting to alleviate the suffering of the persecuted and displaced persons and to provide them with psychological support.
  •  Contribute to the reconstruction and construction of Syria.
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About Us

A local, independent, non-profit humanitarian organization, established in 2012, working in the field of humanitarian relief, development, rehabilitation, education, livelihoods, child protection and issues of missing Syrians, and provides services to Syrian refugees, displaced Iraqis, and the host community in Iraq .


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