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Erbil & Duhok

Sector of the missing Syrians

Establishing a network for the families of missing Syrians in Iraqi Kurdistan

Providing medical services that include clinical examination, examination, diagnosis of diseases and treatment with referrals to the competent medical authorities, and the importance of services lies in providing medicines related to chronic diseases such as diabetes and pressure …

Designing an advertising video for the network instead of awareness sessions that were not implemented due to the Corona pandemic.

12 people were selected to represent the two groups in Dohuk and Erbil

Online coordination sessions with Erbil and Duhok groups.

Holding recruitment sessions in Erbil and Dohuk governorates

locations reached
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Designing a brochure for the network of families of the Syrian missing

A real story about a missing Syrian:

Link to the exhibition report prepared by Judy Relief and Development:

معرض فسحة أمل

Journey Film – Produced by Judy:

فيلم رحلة

Video link to the atmosphere of the exhibition (long video):

Report of the project to strengthen the network of families of missing persons:

مشروع تعزيز شبكة أهالي المفقودين السوريين

الفيديو التعريفي بمنظمة جودي للإغاثة و التنمية

Introductory video for the Network of Families of Syrian Missing Persons:

فيديو تعريفي عن شبكة أهالي المفقودين

Exhibition Photo Link – First Batch:

    Exhibition Photo Link – Second Batch (Exhibition Atmosphere):

Work Secrors

The main humanitarian sectors


Eeducation in emergency centers, non-formal education, remedial classes, literacy, distancing education, catch up classes, stationaries distribution, rehabilitation of schools, 


cash for transportation, online classes, back to school/education campaigns, and Teaching programming language. ​

Child Protection

PSS structured and non-structured activities, resilience programs, life skills programs in children and adolescents, outside activities,

child protection

child protection raising awareness sessions for parents and children, and international days related to child.


Vocational trainings (women's sewing, men’s sewing, embroidery, driving,


home and industrial electricity, first aid, knitting, computer, languages ...etc.).


Food parcels, Nonfood items, CASH, support the orphans and widows, 


dignity kits, and COVID-19 kits.


Medicine, operations, first aid trainings, raising awareness on health issues, 


and distribution of diabetes, pressure and asthma devices…etc.

Syrian Missing Persons

Outreach seminars, raising awareness sessions, online awareness sessions, establishing network for families of missing persons,

Syrian Missing Persons

small and micro grants project for advocacy, and data collecting projects.

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A local, independent, non-profit humanitarian organization, established in 2012, working in the field of humanitarian relief, development, rehabilitation, education, livelihoods, child protection and issues of missing Syrians, and provides services to Syrian refugees, displaced Iraqis, and the host community in Iraq .


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