Accessing Syrian missing families during COVID-19

Judy organization for Relief and Development during the year 2021, a variety of activities were carried out as part of the project related to Syrian missing persons, with the goal of advocacy and support. These activities included reaching out to the families of the missing during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing awareness and counseling sessions, along with active participation through the delivery of educational content via video and conducting field sessions to meet their needs and provide psychological and social support.

Simultaneously, numerous posters and informational posts related to missing Syrians were created and disseminated. These media materials covered diverse topics such as the role of families in this issue, reporting missing cases, highlighting the victims of enforced disappearance, and focusing on the principles of the Paris Agreement related to human rights. The network of families of missing Syrians was also supported in the process of creating and disseminating these crucial awareness contents.

A total of 48 individuals benefited from the advocacy activities and awareness sessions, including a diverse group of families of missing Syrians. Among them were 17 males and 31 females who benefited from the information and support provided by these initiatives.

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