Child Protection

PSS structured and non-structured activities, resilience programs, children and adolescents life skills programs, out-door activities, raising awareness sessions for parents and children, and international days and events celebration.



Syrian refugees, IDPs, and host community of KR-I.



In Erbil and Duhok provinces in KR-I.

Child Protection Sector Summary

Our work

Judy Organization for Relief and Development (JORD) had provided psychosocial support for refugee and displaced children and their families, as well as the host community. JORD had offered recreational activities and conducted awareness sessions to create a safe environment for the children. JORD had operated community centers in different areas, providing psychosocial support and recreational activities for the children and the host community. Overall, JORD had focused on child protection and had improved well-being for Syrian refugee and Iraqi displaced children and their families, along with the local host community.