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Protection and Education Services for Vulnerable Communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Project Details:
  • Date: 2023

  • Location: Erbil / Duhok

  • Donor: CoS

  • Partner: DCA

Project Summary:

In 2023, Judy Organization for Relief and Development (JORD), in collaboration with Danish Church Aid (DCA) and funding from Church of Sweden (CoS), implemented a project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, aiming to provide services for children and caregivers in the fields of resilience and education.

Resilience in children courses were provided to vulnerable children attending community centers, benefiting over 300 kids, along with the resilience sessions, educational lessons were also provided that focused mainly on the Kurdish language, 635 kids benefited from educational lessons.

The project also provided awareness on protection related issues, children and parents alike attended different awareness sessions, the importance of preserving green spaces and safe internet usage, eradicating illiteracy, ensuring the safe use of electronic devices, and promoting positive education were key themes addressed in the project. Sessions also covered dealing with peer pressure, raising awareness about breast cancer, addressing bullying, maintaining public facilities, self-protection against abuse and exploitation, fire safety, and providing tips for a smooth return to school. More than 1000 people benefited from the awareness sessions.

Activities were distributed across diverse locations, including Judy Community Centers in both Domiz 1 and Daratu, Khonja kindergarten in Daratu, and TBS Center in Domiz 1. The geographical distribution was to reach as many vulnerable communities as possible.

The project also included efforts to renovate two schools, promoting education and improving the learning environment. Renovation covered Derik School in Domiz 1 and Daratu Kindergarten. Other activities included participation in various international days, infusing a positive and motivational spirit among participants and contributing to community cohesion.

In summary, the project aimed for positively impacting vulnerable children’s lives and overall community well-being.


Children at their resilience program graduation ceremony

Some of the comments by our Beneficiaries:

The exceptional treatment of the children has created a strong bond between them and the center. They prefer the center over public kindergartens and schools.


We are very satisfied with JORD and the facilitators care a lot about our children. My son loves drawing activities and Kurdish language lessons very much. Thank you very much.


I am very happy to be here; I eagerly await returning every day! I’ve found friends here, and I love my teachers and activities facilitators, who love me too.

Child attending the center

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