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Psychosocial and Educational Support Activities – Judy Community Centers – Duhok

Project Details:
  • Duration: 2021

  • Location: Duhok

  • Donor: DANIDA

  • Partner: DCA

Project Summary:

Judy Organization for Relief and Development, with support from the Danish Church Aid (DCA), established community centers in Domiz, Fayda, Domiz 1 and 2 and Gawilan camps. The aim was to provide psychosocial support, education, and livelihood courses for refugees, internally displaced Iraqis, and the host community.

“Resilience in Children” and “Resilience in Youth” curricula were provided, in addition to educational lessons in various subjects for different age groups.

Moreover, the community centers organized numerous external activities and events aimed at promoting communication and strengthening community relations. Various outdoor events, such as ceremonies and exhibitions, were held.

The community centers also provided awareness sessions covering topics related to child and women protection, as well as essential health and social issues, including unemployment and child labor. These sessions aimed to increase awareness, enhance knowledge among the targeted community, and provide necessary information to protect the rights of children and women and improve their health, social, and professional conditions.

Furthermore, a variety of internal activities were organized for the beneficiaries of the community centers. These activities included workshops, competitions, and graduation ceremonies, all designed to promote social skills and create a supportive environment for interaction and learning.

These field activities and courses were implemented regularly and diversified to meet the needs and aspirations of the beneficiaries.


Judy Community Center staff and children

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