Small grant business and vocational training courses (women’s sewing, men’s sewing, embroidery, home and industrial electricity, first aid, knitting, computer, languages …etc.).



Syrian refugees, IDPs, and host community of KR-I.



In Duhok and Erbil provinces in KR-I.

Livelihood Sector Summary

Our work

Since 2013, Judy Organization for Relief and Development (JORD) has been actively involved in the Livelihoods sector. Through Small Grant Business and Vocational Training Courses, JORD empowers vulnerable populations with essential skills like sewing, driving, computer literacy, and more. By promoting economic development, JORD fosters resilience and sustainable livelihoods in communities, including conflict-affected regions like KR-I.

JORD has had multiple vocational centers throughout the years, such as the Judy Center for Training and Vocational Rehabilitation, Judy Vocational Center in Semel and Turaq, and the Judy Community Centers in Domiz and Fayde.

JORD also provided Awareness and Outreach sessions, Competitions, and Galleries at its centers.

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