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Livelihoods and Vocational Training for Vulnerable Communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Project Details:
  • Date: 2023

  • Location: Duhok


  • Partner: DCA

Project Summary:

In 2023, Judy Organization for Relief and Development (JORD), in collaboration with Danish Church Aid (DCA) and funding from the Danish TV and DANIDA, implemented several short-period projects in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The projects aimed to provide services focusing on enhancing the livelihoods of vulnerable families.

Vocational Trainings (VT’s):
VT’s were tailored for males and females, including refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and the host community (HC). A total of 478 individuals benefitted, with 145 males and 333 females benefitting from courses. The courses covered various skills such as first aid, computer skills, women’s hairdressing, men’s hairdressing, nail care, handicrafts, knitting, graphic design, and English language.

Awareness Sessions:
Awareness raising sessions reached a total of 2,501 participants. Sessions encompassed topics such as the importance of educations, achieving work-life balance, future planning, unemployment’s impact on youth, women’s economic empowerment, professional development, teamwork, personal skill development in humanitarian work, etc.

Training Centers:
The project utilized various training centers, including Judy Vocational Center – Msirik, Judy Vocational Center – Domiz 2, Judy Community Center – Domiz 1, Mohammed Shekho Cultural and Vocational Center – Domiz 1, Refugee Welfare Center – Domiz 1, Harikar Center – Domiz 2, and NRC Center – Domiz 2.

JORD Contribution:
One of the most memorable additions to the project by JORD were the CV creation and small business guide workshops, JORD provided the tailored 2-hor workshops each for beneficiaries of the vocational training course to act as an extra push towards sustaining a livelihood. 486 individuals benefitted from these workshops.

In summary, the project aimed to positively impact the lives of vulnerable individuals and families and enhance overall community livelihood.


Graduation of a vocational training course

Some of the comments by our Beneficiaries:

“I have benefited greatly from the nail care course, and now I can work from home and gain more experience. I am planning to open a nail care salon in the future”.


“This course isnot just an enhancement for my personal abilities; it’s also a gateway to future opportunities. Thanks to the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired, I plan to leverage these expertise to become a potential source of employment and increase my income.”


“A year ago, I started barber training and registered at the centre. The course was comprehensive and my trainer was experienced, and he continued to follow up with us after the course ended. I learned all about shaving hair and beards, how to deal with customers and run a barbershop. Now I own my own shop in War City and I cut all types of hair. ة I thank JORD for this opportunity that helped me achieve my dream of becoming a professional barber”.

Rozad, 20 years old, a beneficiary

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