Truck containing aid being delivered to Syria

Distribution of Sacrificial Meat and Delivering Aid to Syria

Eid al-Adha is considered a special occasion in the lives of many families in Syria, but due to the difficult circumstances they are experiencing, it has been challenging for many to express feelings of joy and celebrate this occasion. Consequently, Judy organization for Relief and Development provided sacrificial meat to numerous families in northeastern Syria. A total of 151 families in the northern Syrian region benefited from this service, including 340 males and 340 females. The distribution of sacrificial meat represents not just food distribution, but also reflects values of solidarity, love, and care for others.

At the same time, Judy organization for Relief and Development, in collaboration with the international shipping company “Karmax”, made a joint effort to deliver humanitarian aid to northeastern Syria from Berlin, provided by the organization “wir packen’s an.” The aid included approximately 7.5 tons of used clothing, around 500 kilograms of cleaning supplies, and 200 kilograms of baby diapers. It is estimated that each family received about 10 kilograms of aid, totaling 820 beneficiary families, which means assistance for approximately 3,690 individuals.

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