Introducing JORD’s Exciting New Project in Iraq

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq! JORD is proud to announce the launch of the Durable Communities and Economic Opportunities (Tahfeez) project.

As we set our sights on making a meaningful impact, our team has hit the ground running. Over the past weeks, we conducted a series of intensive training sessions focused on crucial management principles and regulations. As well as intensive training in event management. These sessions were designed to help the dedicated management staff at Baharke Youth Center in Erbil to successfully manage the center and run sustainable activities and events.

Moreover, recognizing the unique diversity of Baharke, we prioritized providing the youth center staff with training on diversity and inclusion. This training was provided by a specialized trainer and was especially important to increase their knowledge and awareness of the myriad cultural, religious, and ethnic differences within their community. It aimed to deliver strategies on how small modifications to personal behavior can significantly impact inclusion in such a richly diverse setting.

Our primary goal remains to equip this passionate team with essential skills and knowledge, empowering them to create a lasting positive influence within their uniquely diverse community. By investing in their development, we aim to catalyze meaningful change and sustainable growth.

It’s important to note that all project activities are generously funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This funding reflects our commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at driving impactful change in partnership with esteemed global agencies.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to implement project activities, engage with communities, and work tirelessly to make a tangible difference.

JORD management with the center staff

Quotes from the Attendees:

Reber Abdullah Salim, Baharke Youth Center Manager, spoke on the Management training, stating: “We thank JORD organization and USAID for providing this course for us for three days. The center’s staff significantly benefited from this course as it addressed overall management matters and basics. We hope that the collaboration between the center and JORD organization continues for mutual benefit. I also express gratitude to USAID for the rehabilitation of the sports field at the center, as it will play a significant role in enhancing youth services in Baharke.”

Rozkar Ahmed Osman from the Accounting Department added, “We thank USAID and JORD organizations for providing this training to the youth center staff. The training lasted for three days, and we will continue attending for two more days. The number of trainees was 12. We wish you all the best and success.”

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