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Judy Garden

Project Details:
  • Duration: 2022-2023

  • Location: Duhok/ Domiz 1 camp

  • Donor: –

  • Partner: TAP

Project Summary:

Planting trees in areas lacking them is of great importance, including improving air quality, soil protection, combating desertification, reducing heat emissions, and enhancing natural landscapes and visual aesthetics.

Based on these benefits, Judy Organization for Relief and Development presented a proposal at the end of 2021 to establish a garden in Domiz 1 camp, Duhok Province in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. This region features a semi-arid climate and lacks green spaces. High temperatures and increasing weather fluctuations can impact agriculture and water resources.

The proposal involved creating a garden within one or more schools within Domiz 1 camp, depending on available space for cultivation. The proposal was approved, and work began on establishing a garden within Roj Ava School, as it was the only school in the camp with a suitable location and ample space for the project.

Work on the garden commenced on July 1, 2022, with support from the “Trees Against Poverty” organization. It began with a site study and planning for planting several trees to benefit the camp’s environment.

At present, the garden contains 121 trees, distributed as follows:

25 pine trees – 27 olive trees – 22 chinaberry trees – 44-kina trees – 2 robinia trees – 1 fig tree.

Judy Garden reminds us of the importance of preserving the environment and investing in agriculture to improve air quality, protect the land, and enhance the natural beauty of the area. This garden reflects hope and positive change, encouraging communication and participation in building a better future for the environment and society. We hope that this garden serves as an encouragement for future projects aimed at promoting sustainability and making our world greener and more beautiful.


Current status of the garden

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