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Survivor and Community-Led Response – SCLR / The First Project

Project Details:
  • Duration: 2021

  • Location: Erbil / Darartu

  • Donor: CoS

  • Partner: DCA

Project Summary:

The “Survivor and Community-Led Response (SCLR)” project aimed to provide crucial support to local communities by conducting comprehensive analyses using the Community Capacity Building and Risk Reduction (PVCA) framework. This initiative sought to revive a sense of responsibility, foster communal cooperation, rebuild trust, and restore hope within these areas. The project methodology encompasses key aspects:

One primary goal was to enhance the quality of life while revitalizing voluntary engagement within these communities. This initiative aimed to cultivate resilience in facing social, economic, and environmental shocks.

Empowerment, especially among women and youth at individual, family, and community levels, formed a critical component. Beyond resource provision, the project focused on nurturing agency and self-sufficiency to enable active contributions to personal and community development.

Moreover, the project aimed to create a tool enabling communities to monitor local authorities’ performance and encourage effective delivery of essential services. This ensured meeting basic needs and maintaining accountable governance.

The project addressed diverse community needs through activities conducted by local volunteer groups. These activities included rehabilitating educational institutions, ensuring clean water access, providing emergency resources, and improving healthcare facilities. These efforts aimed to build resilience and foster unity among the diverse population of the Daratu district.


JORD staff with the community

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